The objective of International Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica (El Ojo of Ibero America Award) is to recognize and honor the career, the performance, and the best ideas and communication material of the Latin professionals and companies that have contributed with a solid, constant, and innovative work to the development of advertising of their own countries and the entire region, taking communication to a new level, raising the prestige of the industry, and positioning Ibero-America (Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and United States  and Latino Professional around the world) as a center of creative thinking and as inspiration in the areas of advertising, marketing, creativity, production, and communication.

The 24th Edition of El Ojo de Iberoamérica International Award will be held from 23 to 25 November 2021. 

This year, due to the regional and global context of pandemics, the event will have, just like last year, a special format and will be online, but it will still keep everything that made El Ojo the most important festival with a Latin perspective in the world.

Advertising Agencies, Creative Directors, Production Companies, Advertising Film Directors, Advertisers, Media Agencies, Creative Studios, Design and Branding Studios, Designers, Media, Interactive Agencies, Promotion Agencies, Brand and Direct Marketing Experiences, Post Producers, Animation Studios, Image and Sound Producers, Music Producers, Multimedia Studios, Development and Activation Agencies, Content Producers, Communication Agencies, News Agencies, Public Relations Agencies, Internal Communication Agencies, Communication Consultancies, Internal Departments of Institutional Relations, Companies Departments of Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Innovation, Sustainability and CSR, Image Consultants, BTL Agencies, 3D Studios, Software and Programming Companies, Video Game and Applications Programmers and Producers, Institutions, organizations, and companies, both public and private, as well as Public Welfare Associations and NGOs, etc.

The entries, campaigns, and cases that can participate in this award for Ibero-America are the ones carried out for a market, a subregion, and/or a region by any company or professional from Latin America, United States (only those entries aimed at a target audience that includes the Hispanic community, in any language), Spain, Brazil and Portugal, who have registered and paid the registration fee within the dates stipulated by the Festival.

For the Best Latin Idea for the World, Best Audiovisual Craft, and Best Audio & Sound Craft Awards, the entries, campaigns, and cases that can participate are the ones from agencies, producers, and companies professionals in any part of the world, as long as the entry has had the participation of a Latin professional in its creation.

There is no limit in the number of entries that each participant (professional or company) can register in any award area or category, as long as the established rules are fulfilled.

All entries must be registered and sent as requested before the registration closing (inscripció The organization can extend the deadline, depending on the day the voting process begins.

The registered entries must include the authorization of the advertiser, agency, and/or owner of the rights of the work, and must have been issued, published or implemented effectively during the period determined by the Festival except for the registered entries in the free category of El Ojo Jóvenes Realizadores (El Ojo Young Director Award)

All the registered entries must have been created for a client for valuable consideration, except for the entries corresponding to Public Welfare and to the free category of the El Ojo Jóvenes Realizadores (El Ojo Young Director Award)

The material must be registered exactly as issued, published and/or implemented. The information provided to the Festival must be real and truthful; otherwise, the entry will be disqualified immediately.

The organization reserves the right to disqualify, at any stage of the process, the entries that fail to comply with this requirement or with any other requirement of these rules, without any compensation.

In order to verify the truthfulness of the registered entries, the organization may request the certificate of issuance, publication, implementation, and/or results, as well as the data of the person responsible on the advertiser’s side. This information must be submitted within 48 hrs. after it has been requested by the organization of the Festival. Until it is submitted, the participation of these entries or their recognition is suspended.

The entries that can participate are the ones that have been issued, published, and/or implemented for the first time between 1 September 2019 and 17 October 2021, and that have not been registered in the same categories in the previous edition of the Festival.

The entries registered in El Ojo Eficacia (El Ojo Effectiveness) and in El Ojo Jóvenes Realizadores (El Ojo Young Film Directors) may have been published, issued, and/or made between 1 January 2019 and 17 October 2021, as long as they have not participated in the same category in a previous edition.

At the request of the participants, entries completed but not published before 1 October 2021 (the day the registration concludes) may be accepted, but they must be issued, published, and/or implemented before 17 October 2021.

The entries that have not been published, issued, or made by 17 October 2021, except for the category JR2 – Works that have not been created for a brand of El Ojo Jóvenes Realizadores (El Ojo Young Film Directors Award) , must unsubscribe before voting begins through a notification to the organization of the Award ( and will be disqualified of the Award without any compensation.

For the audiovisual files that have Portuguese or English as original language, it is recommended to send the entry subtitled in Spanish for a better understanding at the time of its judgment.

In addition, you must translate into Spanish the copies, radio scripts, synopsis, objectives, results, and any other information requested in the technical specifications of the registration site in the fields created for that purpose.

Understanding that El Ojo 2021 will be an online Special Edition again, the Festival will have special registration rates to support the industry in this delicate moment we are experiencing.


The Festival has four (4) dates/stages for the registration. Furthermore, for each one of them, there will be additional discounts on the prices on top of the 2021 special rates. The sooner you complete the registration process, the more benefits and bonuses you will obtain.


  • ADVANCE REGISTRATION – Until 18 JUNE: 20 percent off rate + Discount for number of entries registered (BOOK).
  • EXTENSION OF ADVANCE REGISTRATION – Until 15 JULY: 10 percent off rate + Discount for number of entries registered (BOOK).
  • INITIAL CLOSING – 27 AUGUST: Regular rates + Discount for number of entries registered (BOOK).
  • EXTENSION OF INITIAL CLOSING – 24 SEPTEMBER: Rates with an extra 10% + Discount for number of entries registered (BOOK).
  • FINAL CLOSING – 1 OCTOBER: Rates with an extra 25% + Discount for number of entries registered (BOOK).
  • LAST-MINUTE. If the Festival considers it is appropriate, one last additional chance to register will be granted, and a fee for late registration will be charged.

At the end of each stage, the participants that have not completed the registration process must pay the additional cost that corresponds to the new date and will be able to complete the registration during that period of time.

If any participant wants to replace an entry that is already uploaded in the system, as long as the organization is willing to receive and replace it, there will be an additional surcharge of US$50 for each individual entry or for each entry of a campaign.

All participants must pay, in addition to the registration fee for each registered entry/campaign, a mandatory additional fee that corresponds to the processing costs of the material that is already included in the defined rates for each of the awards.

In order to stimulate the compliance of the stipulated dates of registration, the organization established different processing costs that depend on the moment in which each participant completes the registration of the entries and makes the correspondent payment.

To confirm your registration, you must send an e-mail with the complete Registration Form, which must include the number of total entries, the billing information, and method of payment.

The payment must be made before the day in which the period of registration selected ends, through the means enabled by the Festival: credit card or bank transfer (payments through bank transfer will only be accepted for those participants that have to pay more than US$1,000).

All those registrations that are not paid before the final closing of the registration process will be disqualified.

All participants must send, simultaneously to the payment of the registration, the Letter of Acceptance and Authorization of the Rules signed by the responsible of the company, clarifying his full name, ID, position, and other requested data, and also accepting this Rules and authorizing the diffusion of the registered entries. The Letter is at the end of the Rules and is also available to download at the Festival’s website. This Authorization must be sent before the day the registration ends: 1 October 2021.

Independently of the delivery of the Letter, the very act of registration of the entries in the Festival implies the acceptance of the Rules.

When participants register their entries, they also authorize El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival / LatinSpots to use the participant entries, their brands, products, protagonists, photographic reproductions, animations, logos, image, and design for the fulfillment of the Festival objectives.

The Festival may use all the registered entries for different purposes such as diffusion and promotion, presentations in events, in educational institutions and for the public in general, and also for the publication of these entries in media in any format.

Registration must be made on the registration site (

At the time of the online registration, the system will provide a registration code (four-digit number) that will be requested by the organization for any inquiry you need to make. If last year you made a registration for your company, you can recover the password and use the same registration.

The registration will be made online and you will have to enter the data of the participating company, complete the technical specifications and upload the required material (.mp4, .jpg and .mp3 files) for each award.

It is recommended to complete all the required fields of the technical specifications (compulsory and non-compulsory) and use upper and lowercase for the data loading (do not write in all CAPITAL LETTERS).

When the upload of an “Entry” begins, there are mandatory fields that you must complete to be able to save the file; then, in a second instance, you will have to complete the rest of the fields.

You should verify that the uploaded data are correct, since they will be used for the judgment and also for the diffusion and communication to the press of the finalists and winners. Moreover, they will be used to create the corresponding rankings of Agency, Independent Agency, Creative Director, Production Company, Producer, Advertiser, and Communication Network (it is important to mention that the award will go to the Best Network, so the Holding must not be indicated, only the network it belongs to).

It is recommended, before starting the registration process, to have defined all the fields of the technical specifications that you must complete in order to expedite this process.

Video, graphic / board, and audio files (in .mp4, .jpg, and .mp3 formats respectively) corresponding to each entry must be uploaded in their respective “Registrations” on the registration site; once the required information and files upload are completed, you must click “SEND.” At that moment, the registration will be considered completed and no changes can be made.

The Festival will prioritize and guarantee that all entries and registrations that appear as “Sent” and “Invoice confirmed” are checked.

Complying with the technical specifications and measures requested in these Rules will make the whole registration process easier and faster, and it will keep you from having to do it more than once.






Registration will end on 1 October 2021 at 11 p.m. (Argentina time GTM -3); after this date, the registration will be considered closed. All the requested material must be registered before that date. After the programming of the voting system begins, when the members of the jury evaluate all the corresponding works, no extra material can be included, and no modification is allowed.

If necessary, the organization may extend the deadline of the online closure of registration, which will be communicated to the participants.

If one or more deadlines are extended, the organization will establish surcharges for this and/or will cancel existing discounts or bonuses.

AWARDS FOR IBERO-AMERICA (Latin America, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and United States)

























EL OJO TO THE PERFORMACE OF THE YEAR FOR IBERO-AMERICA (EL OJO AL DESEMPEÑO DEL AÑO POR IBEROAMÉRICA): Best Agency, Best Independent Agency, Best Creative Director, Best Production Company, Best Film Director, Best Advertiser, and Best Communication Network of Ibero-America.

EL OJO LOCAL (AWARDS AT A LOCAL LEVEL) (The best of each country in the region)

– EL OJO AL DESEMPEÑO LOCAL DEL AÑO (EL OJO TO THE PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR AT A LOCAL LEVEL): Best Agency, Best Independent Agency, Best Copywriter, Best Production Company, Best Producer, and Best Advertiser by participating country or region.

– EL OJO TO THE BEST ENTRY/IDEA AT A LOCAL LEVEL (EL OJO A LA MEJOR PIEZA/IDEA LOCAL): Among the best entries from each participating country/region, the Best Idea per Country (Mejor Idea País) will be chosen.






The voting system consists of two online stages:

The first stage of the voting will be carried out by a group of juries chaired, coordinated, and led by the President of each of the Awards at a regional level.

In the second stage, once the winners of each category of each Award have been selected, all the Presidents will evaluate and will choose in an integrated manner the winners of the Grandes Ojos (Grand Prix) in each Award.

The voting system allows the members of the jury to judge carefully and with enough time the participating material from their office, home, or place they choose and select their favorites; afterwards, they vote and choose the best of each category in every stage of the voting. This way, every member of the jury can analyze all the material thoroughly and with more privacy, since they vote in private from any place they choose.

At the same time, this system guarantees a transparent and genuine voting, since every member of the jury votes online and in a secret way, without the usual stress of on-site voting; they will only receive the opinions and suggestions expressed by the presidents of the Jury.

The members of the jury will have a username and a password to log into the online voting system, where they will find the registered entries to be judged and the indications of the awards and categories in which they must vote in every round of voting. The members are responsible for the quality of their vote and for their judgment.

Members of the jury cannot vote for their own entries or the entries of their company under any circumstances. They can vote for entries from other countries belonging to their network, as long as it is not a constant procedure. The voting system is configured to invalidate the vote of members of the jury if they vote for themselves. If self-voting from members of the jury or the vote in favor of the entries of their network is detected repeatedly, the organization will invalidate all what was done by those members. Moreover, that member of the jury will lose all the benefits granted by the Festival. The organization will take into account this irregular situation when convening the Jury for the following year.


The organization determines that the Jury may give, based on the quality and merit of each participating entry in an award, as many “Golden” Awards as categories that award has. For the “Silver” Awards, the Jury may give a maximum of, as long as the participating entries deserve it, two awards for each category of that award, and for the “Bronze” Awards, a maximum of three awards for each category.

For example, in an Award with three (3) categories, the Jury may give a maximum of 3 Golden Awards, 6 Silver Awards, and 9 Bronze Awards, and it is not necessary to give a Golden, Silver, or Bronze Award in each category. For instance: 1 Golden, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze Awards are given in Category A; 2 Golden, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze Awards are given in Category B; and 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Awards are given in Category C.



40 points GRAN OJO (Grand Prix) of  El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye), El Ojo Eficacia (El Ojo Effectiveness), and Mejor Idea Latina para el Mundo (Best Latin Idea for the World)
30 points GRAN OJO (Grand Prix) (Except for El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye), El Ojo Eficacia (El Ojo Effectiveness), and Mejor Idea Latina para el Mundo (Best Latin Idea for the World))
20 points GOLDEN AWARD for El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye), El Ojo Eficacia (El Ojo Effectiveness), and Mejor Idea Latina para el Mundo (Best Latin Idea for the World)
15 points GOLDEN AWARD El Tercer Ojo (The Third Eye), El Ojo Eficacia( El Ojo  Effectiveness),      and Mejor Idea Latina para el Mundo (Best Latin Idea for the World)
7 points SILVER AWARD (For all awards)
3 points BRONZE AWARD (For all awards)
1 point FINALIST (For all awards)




El Ojo to the Performance is awarded by score. This arises from the sum of the points obtained by the winning and participant entries in all the awards given in the Festival at Ibero-American and international level.

El Ojo +Women and El Ojo Young Director Awards also sum points for the Performance for Ibero-America Award.

Local awards do not sum points for the Performance of the Year at a regional level. They will only be taken into account in case of a tie at a regional level for the first place.




The Award for the Best Entry/Idea at a Local Level arises from the Jury’s vote on the entries that come from the same country and that have also obtained the best acknowledgments at a regional and global level.

To select the Best Local Idea, the members of the jury will choose among the entries issued in a particular country that have had the best performance at a regional level.

Depending on the number of registrations of each country in the Festival, around 10% of the entries of that particular country may participate for this award, but having a minimum of 5 ideas (for the countries with fewer registrations) and a maximum of approximately 40 ideas (for the countries with the larger number of registrations).

The inclusion criteria for the Ideas/Entries to participate in this Award shall be as follows: To form this selection from which the Best Idea per Country will arise, the first step will be to count the entries that have obtained awards (priority will be given to the GOLDEN Awards, then to the SILVER Awards, and lastly, to the BRONZE Awards). If the winning entries don’t reach the minimum number required for this Award, the finalist entries will also be taken into account.

In the cases in which a country has not had finalist or winning awards at a regional level, but has reached the minimum number or registrations for this Award, the organization may choose among the entries best located in the Long List or vote directly from the total of registered entries. In these cases, the winning entries will receive a certificate.



20 points Winner Best Entry/Idea per Country (Online Award)
10 points 1st Finalist (Certificate)
7 points 2nd Finalist (Certificate)
5 points 3rd Finalist (Certificate)
3 points 4th Finalist (Certificate)
1 point Finalist



El Ojo al Desempeño Local (El Ojo for Performance at a Local Level) is awarded by score. This arises from the sum of points earned by the winning and finalist entries in the Best Idea per Country Award in the country they are competing for, and for the winning and finalist entries of the awards at Ibero-American and international level for that country.

In addition, the points earned by finalist and winning entries created by that company or professional for other markets (and that have not been issued or published in the country where it is competing) will be added, but only up to a maximum of 50% of the total points obtained by the country where they are competing.

For example, a company from Argentina wins:

With its entries issued in Argentina:

At Ibero-American level: 1 Golden Award (15 points)

At Local Idea level – Argentina: 3rd Finalist (5 points)

Total: 20 points


With its entries at a regional or global level (entries created for other markets and NOT Argentina):

2 Golden Awards (30 points)

1 Bronze Award (3 points)

Total: 33 points


Points to accumulate outside Argentina: 50% of (a), that is, 50% of 20 points= 10 points.


(a) For local entries: 20 points

(b) Points outside Argentina: 10 points

Total: 30 points

The Performance at a Local Level Award will only be given to companies/professionals that have earned a minimum of 10 points among the points accumulated at a local and/or regional level in the participating country. If in a country the companies and/or professionals do not meet this requirement, the Award will be declared “void”.



It is important to highlight that these awards add points for the ranking of Best Performance of Ibero-America, be it for Agencies, Independent Agencies, Creative Directors, Production Companies, Directors or Producers, Advertisers, and Networks of Ibero-America.

Taking into account that this year El Ojo 2021 will be carried out totally online, the participants that have registered the winning entries at Ibero-American and local levels and that win EL Ojo al Desempeño del año ( The Performance Award) will receive the awards online, in the form of certificates and/or virtual statuettes corresponding to the award granted.

After the event, if the winners desire to receive a physical copy of the statuettes for the Great Eye and Golden Awards obtained, they may request them and purchase the corresponding physical statuette paying special rates established for his unusual year that are not included in the registration costs for the 2021 Award.

The winners of Silver and Bronze Awards at Ibero-American level and the finalists of Best Performance and Best Entry/Idea Awards at a local level will receive an online certificate.



The winners of Grandes Ojos (Grand Prix) and Golden Awards may request the physical trophies for their teams/clients/suppliers. The winners of Silver and Bronze Awards that wish a physical statuette for their award may also obtain it.

For this, they must fill in the corresponding form indicating the replica requested, the technical specifications data, the payment method, and the mail data for the delivery of the trophy, which will be arranged and paid by the winner. The deadline for requesting replicas is 20 December 2021.

The Organization reserves the right to divide a category when the number of registrations is excessive, to bring together two or more related categories when the number of registrations does not reach the minimum to establish an evaluation criterion, and to change entries to a more appropriate category if deemed necessary.

LatinSpots Internacional S. A. expressly disclaims any responsibility for any injury and/or damage suffered by the participants arising from: fortuitous events, mistakes made during the registration or during the upload of material and/or technical specifications, reasons of force majeure, acts of third parties, and/or any other responsibility that can not be directly attributable to them.

Participants shall hold harmless the Festival before any legal action or claim that arises from the promotion, exhibition, and/or use of the registered entries, corresponding to their exclusive responsibility any emerging conflict.

The winning participants expressly authorize the Organization to publish their names, images, personal data, and registered material where and how it is considered convenient, without the right to receive any compensation for this.

All registered material remains in the power of the Festival and is incorporated into its archive, and may be used for dissemination and promotion of El Ojo de Iberoamérica When participants register the material, they automatically authorize the Organization to carry out awards ceremonies and presentations on TV programs, radio, Internet, social networks, or any other format (new or to be created), and to use the material or copies of the material in books, magazines, brochures, sites, TV programs, or any other means of communication (physical, digital, or to be created).

The mere fact of registering material in El Ojo de Iberoamérica Festival implies the acceptance of its Rules and of the authority or its organizers.

Situations not covered in these Rules shall be resolved by LatinSpots Internacional S. A., and its decision will be unappealable.

For any question about entries registration, online delivery of material, or registration payment, send an e-mail to